At the Meapa we teach high quality gymnastics in a fun, friendly and progressive way. We teach skills from fundamental shapes up to complete elite moves. A gymnasts progression is tracked through our award scheme. 

Skills week takes place every two month. During skills week the gymnasts will need to achieve between 10-14 skills to achieve the next level. All of the skills they need to learn are taught in the normal structured sessions. As there are only 12 levels to achieve between the age of 4-16 but 6 skills weeks a year it is often the case that a gymnast will not achieve the next level. However helps coaches identify what moves need more work. 

Unfortunately we are unable to give individual feedback at the end of the session this is due to the fact that we have 1200 gymnasts. However you can catch their coach at the end of the session if you have any questions.

There is a cost of £5 each time a child achieves a new level. This is to cover the cost of the medal and certificate.