Gold level

Backwards or forward walk over
Full spin on floor
V-sits on floor x 10 
Chin up x3 
Chasse leap 
Front somersault off the spring board to land on soft landing
One armed cartwheel 
Round off jump to flat back on top of piled up mats
Handstand 1/2 piruete
Straddle to handstand against the wall
Handspring to one or two to land in soft area
Back flick with help
Forward roll to stand on middle or high beam
Handspring off beam
3 swing up to inverted hang back down into swings and dismount
Swing half turn with intermediate swing before regrasp
Straddle onto low bar and straddle undershoot off
Squat on jump to catch high bar
Handspring off the box top to land on feet
handspring flat back hands placed on to of the box top