How to enter the 2019 General Gymnastics Club Championships

General Gymnastics Club Championships - 30th June 2019
Deadline for entries - 1st June 2019

This years competition will take place on 30th June 2019. It’s the club’s Thirteen’s general gymnastic championship, so it would be great to see lots of entries to celebrate!  It is open to all gymnasts (age 4 and upwards) regardless of ability and is a chance for everyone to join in and have fun. Every gymnast will receive a medal for participating.

This is our major fundraising event of the year and we would appreciate your help in insuring the event runs smoothly, please get in touch or speak to reception if you can help in any way or go to our Friends of Meapa for further information.

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Step 1 - Pay Entry Fee (below)

There is a £12.00 entry fee which you can pay by using the PayPal “Add to Cart” button below. Please make sure that you add your child’s name so that we can match your payment to your entry and so that we don’t ask you for payment twice.

STEP 2 - Complete entry form (below)

Fill in the application form, so that we have full details of your child. Please pay attention when entering your child’s DOB so that we add you daughter/son to the correct competition group.

STEP 3 - Keep it Fun!

Encourage and reassure your gymnast, as sometimes children get nervous when they hear word “Competition” This competition is designed to be a fun event for all family and a celebration of their own best!

General Gymnastics Championships entry Fee: £12.00

Entry form


“I thought it was superbly ran and we thoroughly enjoyed it. More importantly the children clearly did and although many were clearly nervous your staff made them feel at ease”

Garry Head

“Watching your staff on Saturday and how they interacted with the children really shone out for my wife and I”

Garry Head