Fun for children of school age

Gymnastics for all is great fun for children of school age to participate in each week for both fun and fitness.

Gymnastics for All is great fun for children of school age to participate in each week for both fun and fitness. Gymnastics can be the foundation for many other sports and activities building on flexibility, co-ordination, balance, strength and stamina as well as gymnastic elements.

During the 1hour classes, the children learn basic skills on each piece of equipment, which includes Men’s and Women’s apparatus and Trampoline.

Gymnasts work towards our own Award Scheme and gain a certificate and medal for each level attained. Every child has the opportunity to participate in the annual Meapa Recreational Competition where the emphasis is on taking part and having fun.

Children may participate in 1 or 2 sessions per week.

Sessions must be booked in advance.

Gymnastics for all Timetable and Costs

Classes last 1 hr
All of our team are DBS checked.

£38 per month.
Invoiced on the 1st of each month.

From: £35.75 - £38 (pro rata due to Bank holidays)
Plus: Annual Club Membership and British Gymnastics Insurance

Additional Costs
Annual Club Membership and British Gymnastics Insurance to be paid 1st October £34.00

The Meapa | Rochester

  • Monday (4+ yrs) 1600 – 1700
  • Monday (6+ yrs) 1700 – 1800
  • Monday (8+ yrs) 1800 – 1900
  • Tuesday (4+ yrs) 1600 – 1700
  • Tuesday (6+ yrs) 1700 – 1800
  • Tuesday (8+ yrs) 1800 – 1900
  • Wednesday (4+ yrs) 1600 – 1700
  • Wednesday (6+ yrs) 1700 – 1800
  • Wednesday (8+ yrs) 1800 – 1900
  • Thursday (4+ yrs) 1600 – 1700
  • Thursday (6+ yrs) 1700 – 1800
  • Thursday (8+ yrs ) 1800 – 1900
  • Friday (4+ yrs) 1700 – 1800
  • Friday (8+ yrs) 1800 – 1900
  • Saturday (4+yrs) 1030 – 1130
  • Saturday (6+ yrs) 1130 – 1230
  • Saturday (8+ yrs) 1230 – 1330

The Meapa | Gravesend

  • Wednesday (4-5 yrs) 1600 – 1700
  • Wednesday (6-7 yrs) 1700 – 1800
  • Wednesday (8+) 1800 – 1900
  • Saturday  (4+) 1000 – 1100
  • Saturday  (7+) 1100 – 1200

Step 1 - Check Classes

Check on our all our extensive class listings to find a suitable session, please pay careful attention to the age restrictions and find look for a time and date that best suits you.

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Complete the registration form, maximise your chances by selecting several alternative days. We will contact you via email address when a place becomes available.

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On allocation of a space we will contact you and you will be invited for a Taster Session. You will be invited to bring your child along to join a class and following that you can sign up to a full term.

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Facebook Reviews

“My 8 year old daughter Meiya is absolutely thriving at Meapa, she looks forward to training every week. It’s a really fun and positive vibe and as I have every confidence that she is being shown gymnastics correctly and safely. We hope to be there for many years to come. I highly recommend this gym.”

Anna Ceballos

“Both my daughters are members of meapa and thoroughly enjoy their gymnastics at meapa.
They have both been at the preschool sessions and moved up to the general gymnastics sessions now. The classes are well structured and varied to keep the kids interested. The coaches are so hardworking and really good with the children. This year we took part in the Club Festival where all athletes regardless of ability got to show off their skills and dances to friends and family and the whole thing was so well organised and thought out! Such a lovely friendly and professional club for my daughters to be a part of.”

Emma Bonner