Classes are for anyone over the age of 16. The classes are for either complete beginners who have always wanted to give gymnastics a try or experienced former gymnasts who wish to continue training.

There is always a qualified coach in attendance to assist and advise to participants at all levels, come along to one of our training sessions and join in.

At the adult Freestyle classes, the warm up is structured but from then on, it’s up to the individual to practice skills from any gymnastics discipline they wish, with an emphasis on acrobatic elements, vault work and personal flair.

Adult gymnastics is great fun, good exercise and a very social activity – you can do as much or as little as you wish!

Adult Gymnastics Timetable and Costs

Class lasts 1.5 hrs

All of our team are DBS checked.

Price: £8.00

The Meapa | Rochester - Opening Spring 2020

  • Tuesday 2015 – 2145
  • Thursday 2015 – 2145

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In Order to participate please register on our Gym management system. Select Adult Gym 16+ years sessions and complete the form.

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