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We are looking to set up a Fundraising committee at The Meapa, find out how you can get involved and help. If you are new to the area or club this could be the perfect way to get to know other parents whilst helping us realise our targets quicker.

Historically, parents and coaches have generously volunteered their time to run fundraising and social activities including planning for events, running food stalls at events, organising the Christmas hampers and presentation evenings. Whilst this will continue, we feel that having an organised committee in place will give more structure enabling us to be as successful as possible in raising money at these events.

This is currently a priority with the proposed gym expansion. This huge project will require hundreds of thousands of pounds for completion and we haven’t yet met our target.

 If you’re interested in being a part of the fundraising team, please contact Caroline at or 07903 496 966.

The Meapa Fundraising Team

Caroline Ward

Chair of Fundraising Committee


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Take a challenge

Lexi, one of our WA squad members ran in the fantastic Mini Mudder last year and raised money for the club. What challenge would you or your family be up for sponsored bike ride, fun run, bounce?

Join our Team

Have you experience priory experience of raising funds for a club, school or special cause, or would simply like to gain some work experience whilst helping the club and making new friends? Get in touch today

Sponsor an event

We host several competitions each year, perhaps your business could benefit from advertising at our event or sponsor an event, we have over 700 members so this could be a great opportunity to reach out to a new audience.