2017 General Gymnastics Club Championships

The Meapa Gymnastics Club 11th General Gymnastics Championships will take place on Sunday 25th June. It is open to all gymnasts from recreational gymnastics sessions regardless of ability and is a chance for everyone to join in and have fun. Pre school children will be invited to enter by the coaches if they feel that they are capable. Entries are now open and can be made nine via our website or by completing s form in reception. Gymnasts will be practicing routines during sessions. This is a fun day where all competitors will receive a medal and our squad gymnasts will be on hand to show some great displays. Each round will only last a couple of hours. The entry fee for this competition is £10. 

To enable the day to run smoothly we require a number of volunteers.  We will need assistance for the car park, door entry, catering, music, stalls etc.  If you would be available to assist during the day please inform our receptionist.

Please note the closing date for entries will strictly be 3rd of June 2017.